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JACINTHE – My name is Jacinthe Parenteau.
PAUL – My name is Paul Parenteau.

We are the heart of Parenteau & Fille.s.

JACINTHE – I have lived in Montreal and the Laurentians for over 20 years.
PAUL – And I have lived in Centre-du-Québec and Mont-Tremblant, for 65 years.

By putting your real estate projects in our hands, you are advised & secured by an available and rigorous team. Our team combines experience, dynamism and enthusiasm.

PAUL – “I have helped thousands of families with their residential transactions and hundreds of merchants with their commercial transactions over the past 35 years. I am a caregiver, an advisor and the father of a girl like Jacinthe who has guts. She is lively, nothing stops her. She is available when no one else is. »

We put our energy into making our transactions a success.

JACINTHE – In a bidding war, you will always feel respected. There is no small portfolio, there are only beautiful transactions. We never give up, because we do what it takes to find THE right place for our clients.

Our Team

  • A strong network
  • Two real estate rooms
  • Professional marketing expertise
  • An energy out of the ordinary
  • A dedicated team that supports us

We have a network in the Metropolis. A network in the Centre-du-Québec. A network in the Laurentians…it’s considerable. Since one Montrealer out of two wishes to buy outside the city, we know the needs, realities and tastes of our clientele.


Chartered Real Estate Broker


Within the large family of RE/MAX brokers in Quebec, Paul Parenteau no longer needs a presentation. Similarly, in the Centre-du-Québec region, Paul Parenteau’s reputation in real estate brokerage is well established. Throughout his career of more than 35 years, he has completed thousands of residential and commercial transactions and as many satisfied clients.



Real Estate Broker


Holder of a commercial and residential real estate brokerage permit since 2012, Ms. Parenteau graduated from the University of Ottawa in communications, studied film at the Sorbonne in Paris and is also a graduate of the theater school, in interpretation. She has also directed the production company Arrive en ville – Film. The section of the company dedicated to architects, designers and key players in the real estate industry in Quebec has certainly brought a new reflection on the power of a personalized real estate communication strategy for unparalleled representation.


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Our team assures you a great confidentiality.
All in the ultimate respect of the health realities of the moment..


Recent Listings

Our team assures you a great confidentiality.
All in the ultimate respect of the health realities of the moment.



“It’s Sweet to be Home.”

What our clients are saying

“I have total confidence in this team. They have a fabulous network, while remaining accessible and highly competent. These are values that I share.”


February 28, 2021 - Paul and Jacinthe are quoted in LaPresse

“In Drummondville, it’s been crazy for several months! In the high-end home market, sales aren’t necessarily in overbidding mode, but sometimes three bids are submitted simultaneously. We have a lot of buyers in the 514 area who want to leave Montreal to come and live here, with the advantages of telecommuting and the special place devoted to culture and family. The prices [for the high-end home] are up to 15% lower than in Saint-Hyacinthe and Belœil, for example. On the resale market, there are currently about 15 houses [with posted selling prices ranging from $500,000 to $800,000]. These properties are located in the Jardins du Golf sector, on Hemming Road and in the Saint-Pierre district. We have the advantage of being located in the heart of Quebec. In fact, older buyers with one child in Montreal and another child in Quebec City appreciate being halfway between the two cities! »

Read the complete article published in LaPresse

February 4, 2021 - A valuable stable finds a buyer.

The majestic estate located at 4895 route Jean-de-Brébeuf in Centre-du-Québec was sold last February.

January 8, 2021 - OACIQ allows for the safe practice of real estate brokerage.

Some want to take advantage of this time to take action. Please know that we respect all the rules in order to offer a safe and profitable service.

January 1st 2021 - Our magnificent condo located in the Old Port of Mtl is finally available!

On sale since a few months, we can now see this one in all its splendor! Now free and easily accessible for visits, any serious buyer will be able to see the potential of this investment.

View Listing

December 31, 2020 - A record year thanks to your confidence and enthusiasm!

Whether for commercial, residential or revenue transactions, our serious investors have found the right fit this year with us.

November 30, 2020 - A house like no other (farmhouse) at one hour from Montreal!

Anyone looking for a haven of peace to get through tough times will be in heaven in this sumptuous, room-to-room, farm-zoned home. Think: Sainte-Victoire de Sorel!

View Listing

Without a doubt, buying or selling a property is one of the most important events in people’s lives. Your RE/MAX broker works in your best interest to make this great project come to fruition with complete peace of mind.

A smartphone application that provides a host of exclusive offers to RE/MAX clients.

The RE/MAX COMMERCIAL program: support and assistance for the marketing and commercialization of commercial properties.

The RE/MAX COLLECTION allows our clients to live a unique experience while greatly enhancing your prestigious property: international visibility, quality promotional documents and photos on the site that stand out.

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